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• Exclusive to Gryphin Contracted Advisors!

Compare other offerings with Tripemco’s exceptional coverages:

1. Lower premiums - starting at $465, + $10 admin fee
2. Regulatory investigation coverage $65,000 included
3. fraudulently induced transfer coverage included
4. AD&D of $100,000 max $1m for all Advisors automatically included at no charge
5. $1000 deductible vanishes for life Advisors when continuously insured with Tripemco for 3 years and claims free
6. Lower Extended Reporting Costs

• No deductible on defence costs
• Premiums include all mandatory coverages required by regulation
• Coverage arranged with Trustar (Sovereign Insurance Company)
• Managed by Tripemco Insurance Group Limited
• Online Payments Accepted
• 25% Discount for Newly Licensed Advisors (must provide a copy of license showing licensed < 1 yr.)
• Cost of Corrections Form - maximum coverage of $25,000 with a $5,000 Self-Insured Retention

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About Tripemco

Tripemco is one of Canada's leading independent insurance brokerages. We have unique industry expertise in several corporate niche markets, as well as private client insurance and group benefits consulting. We have extensive experience developing and running group home and auto and corporate program business.

Our main focus is to assist our clients. We not only help companies reduce their cost of insurance, but we also educate business owners and executives about effective overall risk management.

Tripemco’s dedicated and highly professional team of advisors continue to bring innovative strategic solutions to our clients by developing customized insurance and risk management solutions. Crystal Hawley, CRM, CIP, CAIB, RIB has over 20 years experience specializing in commercial and professional insurance and has been able to design exceptional E&O programs for Life and Financial Advisors.

Features and Benefits

  • LOWER PREMIUMS – The Gryphin E&O plan starts at $465 Life only licensed and $630 Life & Mutual Fund Licensed + $10 administration fee
  • PAYMENT OPTIONS available
  • Coverage arranged with Trustar (Sovereign Insurance Company)
  • Extended Reporting available!
  • $1000 deductible vanishes on your next claim if you are Life only licensed, haven't had a claim for the past 3 policy years and were continously insured with Tripemco Insurance Group Limited.
  • No deductible on defence costs


  • GREAT OPTIONAL EXTRAS - low cost Privacy and Cyber Liability coverage
  • Low cost licensed life assistant coverage available

Premium Information for Life Brokers and Mutual Fund Reps

Deductible $1,000


Life Only

Total Life/Mutual Fund licensed Activities

Life Assistants

$1 Million/Claim with $2,000,000 Aggregate -




$2 Million/Claim with $2,000,000 Aggregate




$2 Million/Claim with $5,000,000 Aggregate




$5 Million/Claim with $5,000,000 Aggregate



+$10 Administration Fee

​The coverage year for the Gryphin E&O program runs from October 15, 2016 - October 15, 2017.

Premiums do not include premium tax, where applicable ON - add 8% tax; MB - add 8%.

*Premiums include all mandatory coverages required by regulation.

Optional Privacy Breach Liability Coverage $250,000/claim:

Data security is a paramount exposure in the financial services industry. A breach of data can be ruinous, in terms of costs to comply with notification requirements, potential liability claims, and damage to your business reputation. This coverage available to Gryphin Advantage Advisors addresses these evolving exposures - it protects your business from claims and other exposures resulting from a breach of data security. This breach insurance includes:

  • Privacy Breach Liability
  • Privacy Breach Expenses
  • Business Interruption
  • $0 Dollar Deductible

Deductible: $5,000 per claim

Flat rate Premium: $50 plus tax, if applicable.

Coverage for your Corporation:

Tripemco can provide Corporate E&O insurance with Coverage arranged with Trustar (Sovereign Insurance Company). For more information on the Corporate Coverage Solution, contact us.

Coverage for Referrals:

Because we understand that you offer your clients solutions, not just advice, Gryphin Advisors E&O Plan covers you when you make referrals to other professionals as long as you disclose in writing the referral agreement/fee to the client

If You're Leaving the Business:

Extended reporting (ERP or tail cover) is available for those retiring or leaving the business. The cost to purchase ERP is:

Duration of Extension
of Coverage:

% of Expiring
Policy Premium:

One Year


Two Years


Three Years


Four Years


Five Years


Six Years


Seven Years


Eight Years


Nine Years


Ten Years


Key Highlights


Trustar (Sovereign Insurance Company)


Gryphin Advantage Contracted Advisors

Key Coverage:

Compensatory damages arising out of a claim as a result of an actual or alleged error, omission or negligent act in the performance of professional services as a Life/Accident & Sickness Insurance Agent/Mutual Fund Representative, subject to the terms and conditions of coverage

Limits of Insurance

Insured can purchase limits of up to $5,000,000

Defence in Addition to Liability

Included within the limit of liability, except where otherwise regulated

Prior Acts:

Full prior acts, with the exception of prior and pending litigation is as of the inception date of the policy


Worldwide coverage is provided, subject to the suit being brought forth in Canada, the United States, its territories and possessions

Coverage for appearance before a disciplinary body

$50,000 each claim/annual aggregate – each insured Agent

Vicarious Liability Coverage for Firms

Coverage also extends to provide Vicarious Liability coverage to the Agency or dealer with whom the insured is directly contracting to do business

Coverage for Personal Corporations

Available subject to meeting the qualifications of coverage under the plan. Optional coverage available under a firm rider

Automatic Discovery Period Extension

60 days

Extended Reporting Period Coverage

Availability to purchase 10-year term for Extended Reporting Coverage

Liberalization Clause


Policy Conformity to Provincial Regulations


Cancellation notice by Insurer

120 days, except for Non-Payment of Premium to which 20 days or mandatory provincial requirement applies

Note: This document provides a comprehensive summary of the 2019-2020 Gryphin Advantage Errors & Omissions Insurance Program and is for informational purposes only. Please refer to the 2019-2020 Trustar (Sovereign Insurance Company) policy wordings for specific language information. All coverage descriptions noted above are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Gryphin Advantage E&O program offer coverage for activities relating to referrals?

You bet! The Gryphin Advantage plan offers coverage for referrals, including referrals that are done for a fee provided that you disclose in writing that fee to your client.

  • Is there coverage for prior acts?

Absolutely! Prior and pending litigation is as of the effective date of the policy

  • Does the Gryphin Advantage E&O program conform to all Provincial Regulations?

Rest Assured! The policy conforms to all provincial regulations

  • Does the Gryphin Advantage E&O program reimburse my legal costs if I'm required to appear before regulatory bodies?

Yes, it does! The Gryphin Advantage program provides for $50,000 in legal costs for each Advisor should he/she be called to appear before a regulatory body. There's no plan cap on that coverage, and it's worth checking with your current insurer to see if they a) provide this coverage and b) put a cap on the maximum they'll payout. The Gryphin Advantage plan does provide it, and there's no cap.

  • What are the limits of liability offered?

We have the following limits available for Life and Mutual Fund activities:

    • $1 million/$2 million aggregate
    • $2 million/$2 million aggregate
    • $2 million/$5 million aggregate
    • $5 million/$5 million aggregate

Plus, the program is designed to cover any requirements mandated by a provincial insurance regulator, even if a regulatory requirement is introduced mid-term.

  • Is my unlicensed Assistant covered?


  • Is there a "plan aggregate" that caps total claims for all insured participants as a group?

The Gryphin Advantage program has no plan aggregate – this is one of the key benefits of our program. Some of the other industry programs do contain a cap on total claims paid out for all insured participants in a group.

Imagine a class action suit brought forth and coverage limits have been exhausted and then you have a claim but there's no money left!

  • Will your E&O insurance provider be around when times get tough?

Trustar (Sovereign Insurance Company), the underwriter of The Gryphin Advantage E&O program, has an S&P rating of A.

  • Who created, develops, and manages The Gryphin Advantage E&O Insurance program?

There are a lot of people "behind the scenes" of the E&O plan, and we're all justifiably proud of the product we've created. Crystal Hawley, CRM, CIP, CAIB, RIB of Tripemco Burlington Insurance Group is the dedicated Broker who brings over 20+ years of commercial experience to the Advisors Program. Crystal worked closely with The Gryphin Advantage team and Trustar (Sovereign Insurance Company) to coordinate and develop an E&O program to ensure Advisors have excellent coverage at an exceptional price!

  • What should I do in the event of a claim or 'incident'?

Call us! We encourage our Advisors to keep the lines of communication open. If you're unsure or feel uneasy about an incident or possible claim, talk to us so we can walk you through the process. We have some of the best lawyers, claims people and Brokers working on your behalf.

  • How do I learn more about claims prevention and other aspects of E&O insurance?

Attend one of the seminars held at Gryphin or contact us and we'll walk you through the process

  • Do I have coverage for life policies placed with other MGA's?

Of course!

  • Can I take advantage of this E&O program if I'm not a Gryphin contracted Advisor?

Sorry, but NO. We were able to negotiate exceptional terms and conditions for Gryphin's Advisors since Gryphin is an exceptional MGA and has top notch Agents working on their behalf.

  • When does my coverage become effective?

The effective date of coverage is the later of the date requested on your application or the date payment is received. Policies are effective and expire as of 12:01 a.m. on the date listed, so make sure you request the same effective date as the date your current policy expires.

  • What is the deductible?

The standard deductible for Life and Mutual Fund licensed activities is $1,000. However, if you are Life only licensed, have been insured with Tripemco Insurance Group Limited and have had no claims in the last 3 years the deductible is waived (vanishes!) for your next claim! There is no deductible for defence costs.

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